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Sixth Form Tutors

All students in the Sixth Form have a dedicated Tutor they will see twice each day during registration. Tutors are the first port of call for students and will take an active role in supporting students throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

SLT Link N Bousfield
Head of Year R Nicholls
Sixth Form Coordinators D Flello                           VNeedham                           
UCAS Coordinator C Sainsbury
12AO A Orchard
E Ward
12AG S Alvin
J Glennie
12BT B Trevorrow
12CB C Brady
C Jackson
12DK D King
12EH E Harris
12GA G Allner
12GB G Bunker
T Brook
12GC G Cheeseman
12HG H Greening
12JM J Morris
12JR J Rowe         
12JS J Sainsbury
12JT J Thomson
C Tapscott
12MQ M Quinn
A Gannon
12MR M Richardson
R Godwin
12MT R Mehta
12PB P Bendall
12SH S Hunter
12SL S Lewis
12WL A Wakeman
G Lees
Year 13  
SLT Link N Bousfield
Head of Year K Taylor
Sixth Form Coordinators M Bewley                            
C Hall
13AD A Davies
13BN K Biddle
13CD C Dilavarhoussen
13CO G Collington
13CR C Roast
13DA D Almond
13DM D Mackay
13EN E Ncube
13ET E Toogood
13GC G Cheeseman
13HC H Chambers
D Stosiek
13JC J Casson
13JJ J John
13LM A Lloyd
C McCarron
13MM M Megilley
13MZ M Mathar Martinez
13RJ R Jehu
13RM R Morgan
13SC A Scriven


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