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Most Able Students

"The most able students make outstanding progress because teachers consistently provide work which stretches their understanding and challenges them to think deeply about what they are learning" - Thomas Hardye Ofsted Report 2015

At the Thomas Hardye School, we are committed to ensuring that all students be provided with equal opportunities in which to develop their potential to the greatest extent. Students that display high levels of ability are provided with an exciting programme of tailored provision designed to develop these talents both through outstanding classroom teaching and enrichment opportunities.

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Our most able students may be offered master classes in various subjects, workshops hosted by experts, the chance to compete in external competitions and/or visits such as conferences or days out at leading universities, all of which aim at fostering academic excellence.

It is important to us to develop our able students’ independence and they are encouraged to take ownership of the programme through student consultation to ensure that it remains relevant and stimulating.

It is paramount to us to engender a passion for learning in our able students in a variety of subject areas and students are encouraged to pursue this passion beyond lessons through the many voluntary enrichment opportunities and through online resources such as the school’s online portal and the Higher and Extended Project Qualifications.

"Students benefit from an exceptional range of enrichment activities." - Thomas Hardye Ofsted Report 2015

Our ‘Aspiring Minds’ programme for Years 10 and 11 students is designed to promote academic curiosity and intellectual excellence through promotion of higher order thinking skills and student-led learning. Students benefit from seminars hosted on a range of topics from A Level subjects they won’t have studied before, advice about boosting their profile with top universities, and sessions with outside agencies. As part of the programme students have the opportunity to undertake the AQA Higher Project Qualification which is an independent piece of accredited work designed to promote independent project working and an opportunity to pursue their passion in a certain field.

In the Sixth Form our able students benefit from expert teaching in forty different A level subjects and many engaging enrichment opportunities such as Model UN, Debate Club, and reading and teaching mentoring programmes. In Year 12-13 students have the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification which is equivalent to an AS Level and well-respected by leading universities as it promotes independent project management skills. An excellent programme of support is in place for students in applying to top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

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We are immensely proud of the enthusiastic commitment to academic excellence inherent within the school’s values and the opportunities provided here which enable our most able students to truly excel.

What makes a Most Able Student?

  1. Processes information quickly and recalls easily
  2. Understands abstract concepts
  3. Is able to reason, analyse and argue
  4. Has an enquiring mind and is highly curious
  5. Is highly motivated – wants perfection
  6. Is reflective about the learning process
  7. Communicates fluently
  8. Perceives patterns and links
  9. Plays with ideas
  10. Demonstrates independence
  11. Creative and original
  12. Organised and efficient
  13. Is ambitious

These qualities will be identified through prior attainment data, school assessments and teacher consultation.

"Students’ achievement is outstanding. By the end of Year 11 they achieve standards significantly above those found nationally" - Thomas Hardye Ofsted Report 2015
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