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I.T. Equipment Donations

Thank you for thinking of us!

The increased reliance on remote learning during lock-down has resulted in an unprecedented demand for computing equipment in schools, particularly laptops and chromebooks. Suitable donations could help make a big difference to a child's education in these difficult times.

Even though need has never been greater, not all second hand equipment will be suitable. The software needed to make remote learning work can demand computing resources well beyond the capabilities of older equipment, so it is worthwhile assessing if a donation is suitable early on in the process.

Guideline laptop specification

Most laptops under five years old that are still in a reasonable condition are likely to be suitable. Some older laptops may also be suitable, particularly business grade models.

Select an item from the drop-down list below to see the sort of equipment that might be suitable for remote learning.

  • Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista
  • Intel i3, i5 or AMD FX CPU
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • 128GB SSD or 320GB HDD
  • Camera and microphone
Equipment registration

If you have equipment to donate, this form will help our IT team to assess its suitability and let you know how to proceed.

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