The Thomas Hardye School

Year 13 Grow a Fiver Challenge

Grow a Fiver


This Friday 9TH November we celebrated Year 13s impressive fundraising skills by announcing this year’s inter tutor group Grow a Fiver Charity competition winners.

Each year in the summer term we challenge each group to transform £5 into a much larger sum of money, which they can then donate to a charity of their choice. This year, 13 AD, via the highly entrepreneurial idea of using the off cuts of the local chocolate factory and then repackaging them neatly and selling on, raised £122.25.

This being the highest total raised, the group netted the cumulative total across the whole year group so were able to donate a hefty £503.53 to their charity Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. It was our pleasure to welcome Roy Hardy from the organisation in to receive the cheque and congratulate the 13AD and also the entire year group for their initiative and efforts.




November 2018