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Students 'Walk for Water'

Walk for water

65 students participated in the ‘Walk for Water’ this year, in order to raise money for that incredible charity, WaterAid. 

Set on Sunday 28th April, it involved an 18 mile walk from THS to Osmington Mills and back, with the added weight of sea water which we collected for the return journey.  We had an early rise and were set, ready to go, by 8 am.  The fast walkers did the 9 mile walk to Osmington Mills in an impressive 1 hour and 30 minutes, arriving at 10:30 am.  With a quick lunch break and a fill up of the water containers, we departed from there by 11:30 am. 

The White Horse Hill, out of Osmington, definitely tested us. We soon realised that a climb up to 520ft isn’t easy, let alone with water.  We all made it through, with the fast walkers getting back to school by 2 pm and the last group by 4 pm.  With the majority of students carrying between 5 to 10L of water for the 9 miles home. Special credit goes to Harry Wardell in Year 12, for carrying an outstanding 25L! 

Every student taking part raised money for the cause of WaterAid – it is so important to raise awareness of the fact that some in the world are less fortunate than us and in fact those 18 miles are a daily occurrence for some, just for their basic water needs and even after that, it’s not even clean water.  It is important to understand how lucky we are and to appreciate the water available at our fingertips every morning by turning on a tap.

The grand total raised for WaterAid this year was an outstanding £5054.05, this is a phenomenal life changing sum of money and we want to thank everyone who donated to such a worthwhile cause. A special mention to Alicia Koshy and Adam Vest who between them raised over £1000. And, lastly, a huge well done to everyone who took part this year.

Ms Bright




June 2019