The Thomas Hardye School
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School Closure

The following information details the procedure should our weather ever be bad enough to warrant school closure.

If the school is closed because of bad weather, it will be announced on the school website, on local radio stations and by text message. If there is no announcement we are OPEN.

If possible (and safe) we would ask you to send your children to school. If the school bus is not running in the morning to school (because of bad weather), then it will not run in the afternoon to bring your child home. If you bring your child into school you will be responsible for collecting them at the end of the school day.

If the school is to be closed during the day as the weather deteriorates, the Headteacher (or his representative) will make the decision and students will be allowed home in a safe and secure manner. All students will be given permission to contact parents by telephone and should remain in school if they are unable to go home. Students are told to go straight home. Please do not telephone the school if the weather deteriorates – we will contact parents and send students home if the situation merits it.

Snow at The Thomas Hardye School
By Rory Newbery - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link