The Thomas Hardye School
"Knowledge and Truth"


The School believes in a well-organised community, emphasising a positive atmosphere based on care, courtesy, commonsense and self-discipline.

Respect for each other is expected from everyone and bad language is not acceptable at any time. No one should ever seek to hurt another or misuse or damage their belongings.

The information below will benefit all students and ensure their safety and the security of their belongings.

Leaving the premises

A student needing to leave the premises during the day must bring a note from their parents or guardian informing their tutor. The tutor will then authorise a pass using the student diary. The student must always report to the School Reception to sign out and back in.

Leave of absence

A parent or a guardian must always complete a Leave of Absence form (see the Student’s Year Co-ordinator). The school actively discourages parents from taking students on holiday during the term and will only approve holiday absences in exceptional circumstances. Unapproved absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.


Smoking is forbidden on the school premises and when approaching or leaving school. No student should have tobacco in his or her possession.

Mobile Phones

Examination Boards will disqualify any student from all their examinations if they are found to have a mobile phone in their possession during an examination.


Students are advised not to bring valuable items such as radios or personal stereos to the school premises. The school cannot accept liability for their loss or damage. Personal stereos are not allowed in the Lower School at any time.

Food and Drink

Food can be bought in the dining room for lower school students and the Sixth Form snack bar. Space is available in the dining room and theatre for eating packed lunches. Students may eat in the grounds in suitable weather. Food may not be consumed in classrooms or corridors.

Personal Responsibility

Rewards are the best way to develop responsibility, and personal achievement is recognised by commendations. High quality work, helpful service to the school community and excellent attendance are all rewarded by either commendations or postcards sent to the student’s home.

The Student Diary is used to record homework, targets and commendations, and is a further way for parents and the school to keep in touch.

Outstanding work is recorded in the Book of Excellence and the student receives a personal letter of commendation from the Headteacher.


Withdrawal of privileges or detention may be used to make a point about a student’s behaviour whether in, or out of, the classroom. Detentions may be given and parents will be given 24 hours notice of any detention after school; they will also be informed if a student has been excluded from lessons at any time. The ultimate sanction is suspension or exclusion. This is rarely imposed but is especially relevant to any violent behaviour.