The Thomas Hardye School
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Other Information

Religious Education

Spiritual and moral education are important across the whole curriculum. All students in Years 10 and 11 follow a GCSE course in Religious Education.

An act of collective worship is held within the scheduled assembly programme. Parents may withdraw their child from Religious Education lessons and collective worship by writing to the Headteacher.

Careers, Education and Guidance

The Personal and Social and Health Care Education (PSHCE) course for all students includes Careers and Further Education guidance. Students can also consult with ‘Connexions’ for careers advice, and a drop-in careers facility is available in the ‘Connexions’ suite

Appointments for parents who wish to accompany their child to careers discussions can be arranged. A wide variety of information, including computer databases and cd-roms, is available for students in the school’s careers library and on the ICT network.

Industry Awareness days are arranged annually and links with commerce and industry are actively arranged.

School Calendar

Parents will receive a calendar (Also available online here) during the first week of the Autumn term which will give dates of all exams, reviews and reports as well as other information.

Student Diary

This Diary is an important link between students in Years 9 to 11, their parents and the school. It is used to record homework set, and contains pages which record the targets agreed between the student and the tutor during academic tutorials. The Diary is monitored by tutors and senior staff - and we ask parents to read and sign it every week. The homework timetable is copied by students into their Student Diary.

Study Planner

This is used by all Sixth Form students to record assignments and supervised study periods.

School and Year Councils

The Year Council consists of two students elected from each tutor group which meets regularly to discuss issues related to the Year group. It is chaired by the Year or deputy Year co-ordinator.

The School Council meets approximately four times a term to discuss whole school matters and issues raised by Year Councils. It includes student representatives from each Year Council and is chaired by a student who is a Joint-President of the (Sixth Form) Student Union. The Headteacher, or a Deputy Head is present.

Admission to the School

For information regarding school admissions, see our Admissions Policy