The Thomas Hardye School
"Knowledge and Truth"

Parents & School in Partnership

A strong partnership between home and school through shared communication does bring success for students. Staff are glad to meet parents and will respond promptly to any enquiry. Parents should call the school office first.

Information Evenings

The school has a series of Information Evenings throughout the year.

In June, parents of children in Year 8 at the Middle and other schools, have the opportunity to meet their child’s Year 9 tutor and other staff. The Sixth Form convention for Year 11 students is held in October. In February an Options Evening is held for parents of students in Year 9 to help them choose their GCSE courses. In March an Evening is held for Year 12 students going into Year 13, and there is a Higher Education Evening in May.

Home-School Agreement

This sets out the mutual responsibilities between students of compulsory school age, their parents, and the school to ensure that students are able to make the most of the educational opportunities available. It is signed by every student in Year 9, their parents, and the Headteacher.

Religious Education

Spiritual and moral education are important across the whole curriculum. All students in Years 10 and 11 follow a GCSE course in Religious Education. An act of collective worship is held within the scheduled assembly programme. Parents may withdraw their child from Religious Education lessons and collective worship by writing to the Headteacher.