The Thomas Hardye School
"Knowledge and Truth"

Student Assessment

Consultation Evenings

These are an opportunity for the student and members of the family to visit the school and discuss progress and successes. The dates of Consultation evenings will be published in the school calendar which your child will receive at the start of the school year. Two evenings are held each year: the Parent-Tutor evening to discuss the overall progress of students, and, later in the year, the Parent-Subject evening to discuss individual progress in specific subjects.

Please attend your child's Consultation Evening - this encourages the student and shows your support.

Reporting to Parents

Parents receive full written reports in all years and a review is sent each term. Parents of students who have particular educational needs will receive more information throughout the year.

Reviews give both a predicted and potential grade for each subject. Predicted grades are the grades that a student could achieve if the exam were taken at that point in their course. The potential grade is the minimum grade the student should achieve at GCSE.

These grades are regularly monitored by tutors, subject teachers and Year co-ordinators. Tutors discuss them with students in academic tutorials and set new targets to encourage improvement.

Parents have the right, on request, to see their child's records which are kept on file at the school - and receive reports on progress in relation to the National Curriculum.


Homework is an integral part of your child's educational programme. It is a time for research, an opportunity to complete course work and set tasks.

Please encourage your child to complete homework, and to understand its importance. If possible, try to provide a regular work space.

Homework is set according to a homework timetable issued at the beginning of each school year.

Marking Policy

You should expect that your son’s or daughter’s work is marked regularly and in detail.

A consistent marking policy is used throughout the school to help students improve their learning and to keep parents in touch with the standard their daughter or son has reached.

Each student’s work is assessed in three ways: for achievement (skills, knowledge, understanding), for effort, and with written suggestions for further improvement from the teacher.