The Thomas Hardye School
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Student Care

We aim to ensure that all our students develop into confident, caring adults who are open to change, and receptive and generous to others. We are committed to genuine equality of access and opportunity so that everyone can achieve his or her full potential.

A disciplined and well-organised school based on fairness, free expression and participation is vital to these aims. The students' relationships with their tutor and the Personal, Social, and Health Education programmes play an important part in the creation of this positive ethos.

Students and their Tutors

Every student belongs to a group under the care of a specific tutor. Student care involves guidance, counselling, group activities, registration, assemblies and spending some informal time with the group. The tutor is responsible for ensuring that students settle well into their new school.

The student has individual contact with their tutor through academic tutorials to discuss important issues including progress and setting targets, and to review career choices.

Year Teams

In each Year Group there are tutors working as a team led by an experienced Year co-ordinator and two deputy co-ordinators. A tutor will normally stay with the group for the first three years and will get to know the students very well. Year co-ordinators, deputy co-ordinators and tutors will normally be the main contacts between parents and the school.

The School Day

Students should arrive at school by 8.50 a.m. Should a student be late to school (even if unavoidably) he or she must report to the school office before going to lessons. Registration is electronic which allows close monitoring of patterns of absence and lateness.

When a student is going to be absent from school, we ask parents to contact the school attendance officer by telephone on the first day of absence. The school expects zero unauthorised absence for any student.

The attendance officer checks all registers daily and works closely with tutors and Year co-ordinators to track student attendance. Parents will be contacted by telephone or letter if there is an unexplained absence or there are other general concerns about attendance.

There is a wide variety of activities on site during the lunch break in which students are encouraged to take part. Lunch times are short and it is the school’s policy that students are not allowed off-site unless parents notify the school that their child is going home for lunch. A form is provided for this purpose.

Student Diary

This Diary is an important link between students in Years 9 to 11, their parents and the school. It is used to record homework set, and contains pages which record the targets agreed between the student and the tutor during academic tutorials. The Diary is monitored by tutors and senior staff – and we ask parents to read and sign it every week. Homework timetables are copied by students into their Student Diary.

Study Planner

This is used by all Sixth Form students to record assignments and supervised study periods.

The Student Voice and Year Councils

The Year Council consists of two students elected from each tutor group which meets regularly to discuss issues related to the Year group. It is chaired by the Year or deputy Year co-ordinator. The Student Voice consists of four representatives from each year group who meet half-termly with the Headteacher to discuss ideas, policies and initiatives.

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The Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

PSHCE course for all students includes Careers and Further Education guidance. Students can also consult with ‘Connexions’ for careers advice, and a drop-in careers facility is available in the ‘Connexions’ suite. Appointments for parents who wish to accompany their child to careers discussions can be arranged. A wide variety of information, including computer databases and cd-roms, are available for students in the school’s careers library and on the ict network. Industry Awareness days are arranged annually and links with commerce and industry are actively encouraged.