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Naval Ship Design Award for Thomas Hardye School Students

UK Nest Awards

A team of four talented Year 10 students were awarded certificates and the school presented with a iPad.for being runners up in UKNEST’s ship design competition. The students Lily Barrett, Anna Lewis, Verity Jefferis, Amalia Solioti-Macklin attended a virtual prize giving with UKNEST’s Executive Officer & Secretary, Mr Mike Rose and Mr Mike Foley Thomas Hardye’s Headteacher. Mr Rose a Naval Engineer and former Navy Commander provided the students with superb feedback during the presentation and provided them with valuable advice regarding future career paths in engineering.

The actual competition took place towards the end of 2019 (before the first Lockdown), with staff from the Design and Technology Department of the Thomas Hardye School and DMS. In addition, Jen Mollett a STEM Ambassador from BAE Systems, worked with students helping them prepare entries for the competition. Rowland Cornell from Dorchester Rotary also bought a Shelterbox into school, which helped students identify what victims of natural disasters need in order to attempt to both survive and start to put their lives back together. Also assisting were three Sixth Formers, Elysia Jackson, Benedict Richardson and Elliot Twigg, recent recipients of prestigious Arkwright Scholarships.

Such competitions are a challenging and enjoyable way for young people to enrich their STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths); STEM subjects are a key part of the school curriculum.

UK Nest Conference

Mr Richardson

December 2020