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Welcome to the THS Student Voice Webpage!

At The Thomas Hardye School we are continually seeking to improve the service we offer to students, their parents and the community. An important part of our development strategy is to the listen to the voices of our students. This section of our web-site is intended to be an area where our students can communicate their ideas and opinions to each other, to their parents and the wider community.

These 'voices' may be from the more structured environment of the 'Student Voice' or the 'Sixth Form Union' or they may be creative pieces made by students in their lessons or in their own.

What is the 'Student Voice'?

Student Voice is an opportunity for every student in THS to make a difference to the school, and is open to all. This year Student Voice is made up of four Committees: THS Opportunities, School Development and Regulations, Project managers and Student Wellbeing and Equality. Student Voice works with the Sixth Form Student Union, DASP schools, Dorset Youth Council and school teachers to carry out ideas of Students. If you’re interested, please come along to our next meeting!

How can you contact us?


What committee should you join?
  • If you are interested in tackling the growing issues of Mental Health or discrimination, join the Student Wellbeing and Equality committee.
  • Want to change a School rule or policy? Join the School Development and Regulations committee.
  • Would you like to oversee Student Voice, and communicate with other organisations (DASP, Dorset Youth Council etc.)? If so, join the project managers.
  • Want to help disassociate school with stress, and help other students? Join THS Opportunities.
What has Student Voice done so far this year?

This year in Student Voice we are working on what YOU want to do. Last summer we sent out a Survey to the whole lower school about what they wanted to see from Student Voice this year. Students believed that we should focus on Mental Health, School Uniform and creating a curriculum for life. Our committees reflected these results. Therefore we are planning to act on these issues this year.

What will Student Voice do this year?

We have several projects in the pipeline but we really would like YOUR input in what we should do. We are currently planning to start up a link with Westfield Arts College, combat stereotypes, lead more DASP assemblies on Mental Health and combat period poverty with the Red Box project.


A new DASP project for the 2015 Summer Term was Send My Friend to School. This brought together thousands of children across the UK to speak up for the right to education and remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

Send My Friend to School is run by the UK coalition of the Global Campaign for Education. See more at the website:

In DASP we created a box that all DASP schools contributed to.This included letters, stories and models. As each school added to the box, it was then passed on to the next. When the box was full it was delivered to our local MP, Oliver Letwin in Westminster.

Let the Student Voice of Thomas Hardye tell you more about it:

And here is a video of our trip to the Houses of Parliament (24th June 2015)

What Makes a Good Teacher?

In a meeting between a group of students and Mr Wheal, the students were asked which qualities they thought made the Best Teachers...

The Best Teachers:
  • Explain things clearly
  • Make you work hard but have a laugh
  • Explain what you need to do to improve
  • Use different approaches in different parts of the lessons and on different days
  • Think about all the students in the class
  • Are fair
  • Set homework that is interesting not just homework for homeworks sake
  • Are very interested in their subject and make you interested
  • Are on your side
  • Make you think
  • Tell you when you have done well

What Makes a Good School?

In a meeting between a group of students and teachers, the students were asked what they thought were the things that could be used to measure the success of a Good School...

A Good School:
  • Achieves excellent exam results for all its students
  • Students feel they are treated fairly and with respect
  • There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Students behave well and treat each other with respect
  • Does well in sporting activities
  • Students and staff all look smart; students wear uniforms and teachers wear suits
  • Lots of students work on display
  • Attendance is high and lateness is rare
  • Has regular social and charitable events
  • Has good relations with the town and local business

Minutes of Meetings


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