The Thomas Hardye School
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Physical Disability (PD) Base

Meet the Staff

Jo Fitzpatrick

Mrs J Fitzpatrick
Base Leader

Jasmine Matthews

Miss J Matthews
Base Leader / Teaching Assistant

Beverley Mesney

Ms B Mesney
Teaching Assistant

Karen James

Mrs K James
Teaching Assistant

Olga Wilmot

Mrs O Wilmot
Teaching Assistant

Emily Critchell

Miss E Critchell
Teaching Assistant

Rachel Grant

Mrs R Grant
Teaching Assistant

Camille Wilson

Ms C Wilson
Teaching Assistant

Olena Southcott

Mrs O Southcott
Teaching Assistant

What We Do

The Physical Disability (PD) Base is a ten place resourced provision for young people with physical disabilities, these disabilities require additional support and interventions to help the young person access the school.

The PD base ensures the provision of specialist equipment to support students with their individual care and learning needs. The PD teaching assistants receive in depth training from the local Physiotherapist to be able to confidently carry out the programme.

The aim of the PD base is to promote and support independence and to support our students to access the curriculum and reach their full potential.

  • Here in the PD base we deliver physiotherapy to our students who have a variety of different physical disabilities
  • Physiotherapy sessions will usually occur for 1 hour a day during the normal school timetable
  • To help us deliver physiotherapy effectively, we have regular meetings with the physiotherapy department at Dorset County Hospital, as well as OTs (Occupational Therapist), consultants and other medical professionals
  • We support our students during all school lessons
  • We also support our students with personal care needs

Support From Staff

The PD base is supported by the local Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, SALT (speech and language therapist), Social workers, Consultants, Dieticians and charity organisations. These professionals hold clinics, support with training and offer 1:1 interventions with the young people.

Home-school Communication

The PD base work in partnership with parents/carers to help better understand and support the young person. This is important because a strong home-school relationship is vital to ensure continuity of care which gives our young people the best platform to achieve their full potential.