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Jon Dean

Jon Dean
Assistant Head and strategic lead for careers

Katryn Jones

Katryn Jones
Careers Development Manager for the Wessex Multi Academy Trust

Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies
Information Advice and Guidance

Here at Thomas Hardye We have worked hard to create a careers pathway that matches those outlined in the Gatsby benchmarks. We offer transparent and age appropriate information that matches the needs of the individual student. Our careers team are approachable and happy to help both students and parents with a wide range of resources to assist decisions about what to do next. We encourage students to look at the range of pathways available to them at key points in their school journey. We assist them in choosing those that will support their natural talents, skills and interests. We allow them to explore what different choices will mean for their futures and support them while they work towards those choices with determination and resilience. We provide opportunities for students to meet with employers to experience the diverse world of work and see how their subjects provide them with unique chances to develop their soft and hard skills. We also encourage students to explore their range of post 16 options to ensure they are making the best choice for themselves and the start of their careers journey.

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Careers development framework

Thomas Hardye School Careers Policy

Thomas Hardye Careers Journey


Year 9

  • Complete the Future skills quiz - This asks how students feel about careers and shows what information they might be lacking.
  • Introduction to Unifrog - which is our interactive careers platform used by every year group including the sixth form.
  • Team building day - Run by the Armed forces engagement teams this help to build communication skills and team building.
  • "Meet the Dorset Employers" - This is an event with a strong STEM focus, encouraging students to see the full range of careers and apprenticeships that can come from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.
  • A series of careers lessons that sit within the PHSE program.

Year 10

  • Assemblies from various local colleges to talk about what's on offer and when their open days may be.
  • College taster days - Students attend Weymouth and Yeovil college and get the chance to have two lessons of their choice to explore subjects they may want to take post 16. The full range of subjects is offered including A levels.
  • Work experience blocks - The year group is broken into 2 blocks of work experience one just before Easter, the other the last week of the summer term.
  • NHS experience morning - Sponsored by the NHS engagement team there are a range of opportunities to explore NHS careers, watch demonstrations and try out some of the training aids.
  • A series of careers lessons that sit within the PHSE program
Students with Teacher
Students using computer

Year 11

  • Chat with an employer - informal chat with a local employer about dreams, careers, football or even their pet. No pressure, no hard questions and there will be feedback to help the student in future meetings. This is a fantastic chance for students to practice those all important interview skills.
  • Post 16 careers fair - A great event that allows employers to showcase their apprenticeship opportunities, also attended by all of the local colleges and several universities.
  • Sixth form taster day - A fantastic opportunity for students to explore their possible A-level choices. Students not attending sixth form will have the chance to attend some sessions at Weymouth and KMC. Although the full range of workshops will not be available.
  • University talk given by Mr Ayres, how to apply, what to think about and student finance.
  • A series of careers lessons that sit within the PHSE program.
  • Complete a Future skills quiz to provide feedback on the program.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form Students


Are you an ex-pupil who is interested in giving back and supporting current students to thrive and aspire?

Do you or anyone you know have an interesting, different or individually created job that will show students possibilities that maybe they hadn’t considered?

Please contact Mrs Jones and ask to be added to the list to be informed of future events.

Career Plan - In Circle: Learning About Myself, Exploring My Options, Looking For Opportunities, On The Job Success

Anything Else

If you or someone you know wants to be involved in our careers provision and be added to our growing database for careers talks, become a mock interviewer, be involved in our Young Enterprise speed dating event. Then please contact one of the Careers Team with your availability and what event(s) you would like to be considered for.

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