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Work Experience

Forestry England

This scheme opens again in December and is for day(s) placements with a ranger for those interested in a career in this sector.

Volunteering Dorset

Volunteering Dorset is a volunteer organisation where you set up and account and then express interest in the roles that they have listed. The above link is where you can customise what you might be looking for. This is open to 16-18 year olds though it may limit some options and is also open to those who may need extra assistance. Depending on what the need maybe you can contact them directly to ask about matching a placement specifically to a need.

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Various roles to help support career choices or to build your own social skills.

Dorset Council

Our vision is to make Dorset a great place to live, work and visit. To help us achieve this we’re committed to helping young people to improve their employability. We have several schemes in place that enable us to recruit, train and develop the next generation of employees. A placement with us will provide you with engaging, informative and worthwhile work. You will gain important personal and professional skills, access to experienced people and new responsibilities. We offer placements suitable for school students, school-leavers, undergraduates, graduates and people looking to get back into work, in a variety of service areas.


For all those considering a career in the NHS, work experience is vital so please join the program.

St John Ambulance

Other option for work experience for NHS careers.